Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chad Hoover - "Uncensored"

I wanted to write something short and quick about the speaking event last night with Chad Hoover. Leading up to last night I had been looking forward to hearing him talk and getting to shake hands with the "Godfather" of kayak fishing. What I took away from last night was much, much more than that. First I think that I should thank Aris Tsamis for being such a gracious host and for putting together a great event for kayak anglers. In addition to meeting Chad last night I also had the privilege of meeting his son Austin and Wilderness Systems Pro Staffer Bobby Clark. Last night was really cool for me because Chad Hoover and Bobby Clark are two of the first names that I was introduced to when I started kayak fishing. Chad was both funny as hell and inspiring throughout the night. I don't know why, but out of everything he said last night this quote is what stuck with me the most, "The next time your buddy calls you up and asks you to go fishing, load your shit up and go. Don't be lazy!" He was talking about how we tend to get in lazy ruts where its really easy to stay on the couch and chill out rather than load up a truck full of gear, get up early, and drag around a heavy kayak to the water. I think this resonated with me because I have been guilty of exactly that and "just load your shit up and go" will be my new mantra when I am feeling lazy. I appreciate Chad taking the time to visit with all of us that were in attendance last night, enjoyed meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, and thank you again to Mariner Sails for hosting a great night.

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