Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Show Time!!

     I had the privilege of getting out of the house yesterday and hitting up the 2013 Texas Tackle & Hunting Show. This is the first time that I have gone to this show and I'll be honest it was mainly because of the appearance of Troy and Chase Landry from TVs Swamp People. I first arrived at the Mesquite Convention Center around 9:45 and went straight in to the rodeo arena to say hello to some friends of mine. My good friends at Mariner Sails were setting up their area for the days upcoming visitors and guests. All of their display kayaks were shiny, clean and set up with all of the finest rigging and all of the gadgets that anyone could want on a kayak, looked like 007's kayaks.
          I hung around for about an hour with these guys watching slowly as the line to get a picture with the "King of the Swamp" got longer and longer. I headed out to venture around the various booths and displays around the arena and convention center to see what was what. I had brought some cash with me and there was no way I was bringing any of it home with me. After browsing around everything for about an hour I wandered back to the arena to say goodbye to everyone and I noticed that the line to meet the Landry's was well down from earlier so I took advantage and got my place in line. It was a short wait of about twenty minutes and I had gotten a pic and an autograph of the great guys from one of my favorite TV shows.
         Overall I had a great time and the whole show was an awesome experience. I was able to buy some good looking new baits that are guaranteed to catch big fish, we'll see. I was able to get a great new Under Armour fishing shirt for $20, great price. I will definitely be going back next year, see you then.

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