Monday, January 7, 2013

Why The Blog?

I have recently been getting a lot of encouragement from my friends in the kayak fishing community as well as my wife about starting a blog just for fun. After I decided to start this one and played for two days with getting the page looking halfway decent I kind of started to slow down and ask myself what I really wanted out of this particular venture. I don't have near the experience in kayak fishing or fishing knowledge in general to be giving advice or facts about the "right" way to do things. When I was growing in in rural East Texas our way of fishing was the Sabine river bank and stink bait for catfish. I started to wonder then what business do I have in even starting a blog about something that I have so little knowledge about. I then came to the realization that my blog doesn't have to be the ultimate guide to kayak fishing, it just has to be about my growing knowledge and experiences in this sport as I continue to evolve my skills, techniques, and tech savyness on the water. As I write my second ever blog entry I realize my main goal with project is to be a good ambassador for this sport that has most graciously taken me in and shown me what it has to offer.

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