Monday, February 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Piney Woods Bass Fishing

     I had the opportunity to take my kayak out to my mom's house for the weekend for a little East Texas bass fishing. This is the first time since I started yak fishing that I have taken it back to the area where I grew up. Usually when I go home its mainly for family gatherings and holidays, not recreational time. This weekend however was set aside specifically for fishing.
     The destination this particular weekend was Brady Branch Reservoir, or as the locals call it "Pirkey Lake." This little piney woods gem lies about ten miles east of Longview, just off of interstate 20. This lake is quaint at about 1,200 acres and serves as cooling source for the electric power plant that resides on the northern side of the lake. I met up with some friends of mine from the Texas Fishing Forum to see what the fishing gods had in store for us that day. We had a meeting time of 8:00 set and when I arrived at 7:45 the boat ramp area was packed with power boats launching for the morning and then five dudes with kayaks. This was my first trip out there so I didn't really have any prior knowledge from this lake as far as structure, clarity, temp, or depth.
      The first scene that you see off of the ramp is calm water with eerie steam rising from the surface. There is tons of timber, submerged and above the surface. It was all very movie scene like and that got me even more excited to explore this lake more. I thought I would try and bring out my inner photographer but as soon as I turned my camera on I realized that I had forgotten to charge the battery. With the camera options gone all there was to do now was catch some fish, so I started casting around the timber that I thought would produce the big one. After drifting around for a few hours and being the only one in our group to blank out so far I started to get a little frustrated so I tried to follow the lead of the other guys to hopefully turn my day around.
      I learned that the closer that we got to the plant, the warmer the water temp was, and that should equal more fish. We found a wind blown bank in about five feet off water and that's where I hooked up for the first time that day. I quickly caught two more after that in the same spot and thus the day was saved.
      I think we can all safely say that we had great time out at Pirkey and given the chance we would all go back. It's really convenient for me since my mom lives 15 minutes away from there and I look forward to the next planned TFF gathering there. Overall it was a great experience with great friends and as always I learned something new about kayak bass fishing. At the end of the day I think we all accomplished the primary objective of kayak fishing, which is having fun.

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