Monday, March 4, 2013

Product Review: Alyeska Gloves by Kinco

     This is my first real winter for kayak fishing and I knew that I had to gear up a little more to go fish this time of year. It would be embarrassing for me, being an expert in environmental conditions to wind up hypothermic or frost bit. 
     I wanted to start from head to toe making sure that I was as covered from the elements as I could be using items that I already had at my disposal. Most of my cold gear I already had from my job that demands that I be outside during very cold nights. I had Gore-Tex suits already, I may switch to waders next year, beanies, boots, wool socks, etc, but what I didn't already have something to wear on my hands that would allow me to fish without being restrictive.
     I posted a new topic on TFF (Texas Fishing Forum) about what is best to wear on the water that will also give you the freedom to use your fingers to tie knots and take fish off and the hundred other things that you do while kayak fishing. There were various differing opinions on whether neoprene is better versus wool or no gloves at all. After doing some research I found a few options with each material and read customer reviews from there. I determined there was some necessary features that I needed. First they had to be fingerless. Some of the ones in the neoprene material had peel away fingers on the index finger and thumb, but some of the reviews that I read said that it got in the way when it was peeled back and most of them ended up just cutting it off anyway. Second, I wanted some sort of gripping material on the palm for obvious reasons. So I finally decided on rag wool rather than neoprene because I realized that when your kayak fishing there is no such thing as dry hands, just warmer hands. 
     After looking around the internet for gloves that would fit my criteria I found various options across the board as far as pricing. My budget didn't allow me to spend a lot of money for gloves for fishing. After searching, I came across Alyeska Half Finger Wool Gloves. These were exactly what I was looking for and for under $10. Like I said earlier, no glove is going to keep your hands one hundred percent dry but these did have kept my hands warm throughout the duration of my trips. My only complaint is the snagging that can happen with the wool if a hook gets caught in it, but that can happen with any fabric.
      I have been more than satisfied with my purchase and would definitely but another pair if needed. 

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