Monday, March 18, 2013

Weather To Go Fishing Or Not.

     I wanted to educate myself a little more on targeting bass so I did some research and decided to buy "Better Bass Fishing" by Bassmaster senior writer Robert U. Montgomery. I just finished this book and it didn't change my life, but it did provide a lot of really good tips and inside information that I hadn't yet thought of. One thing that I really found helpful was the information about weather, and how exactly it relates to bass fishing. More experienced anglers will already know most of this information, but for someone just getting into the sport this can be a helpful tool in your search for that big bass.
**All information taken from "Better Bass Fishing" by Robert U. Montgomery**

Barometric Pressure:

  • High Pressure Features - Clear skies, dry air, little to no wind, and cooler temperatures.
  • Especially during late fall and early winter months high pressure brings sunny bluebird skies, cold weather, and poor fishing.
  • Low Pressure Features - Cloudy skies, high humidity, light winds, steadier temperatures, and possible participation. Fishing is almost always better during these conditions.

  • Good fishing seems to arrive with a west wind because wind from the west or south west usually is indicative of a low pressure system moving in, resulting in lower barometric pressure.
  • Besides being an indicator of pressure it also creates currents and waves that push zoo-plankton forward until they hit shore and accumulate. This creates schools of shad to collect and the bass will follow.    
  • Most research shows that rain, snow, and any other precipitation has little effect on feeding habits of gamefish.
  • Cold or muddy water pouring in a cove will typically drive bass away from that area.
  • Runoff that is warmer can attract fish like a magnet.


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