Monday, May 13, 2013

B.L.T. & Top of the Line from Optimum

     Two lures from Optimum Baits have given me a fresh new tactic in bass fishing. These products are their B.L.T. (Baby line thru) and the T.O.L. (Top of the Line). I think both baits are very unique and creative in a way that allows the angler to fish them in a variety of different ways, and they both carry very unique qualities that are very specific to these two baits. I have been using the BLT for about a year now, and ever since I was introduced to the TOL I pretty much have one or the other tied on at all times.  

     The BLT, as you can see from the diagram, has a unique hook and line system that allows for the line to be tied directly to the treble hook. You simply skin hook the treble into the belly of the bait and cast. This bait is meant for a faster retrieve but I have found that the action stays true with any speed and will trigger strikes. In the past, soft plastics for me only last a few fish before they are too torn up to stay on the hook. With the design of the BLT the bait will actually slide up the line after a strike and the hook will remain in the fishes mouth and your bait will be spared from damage. This along with the action during the retrieve is what most impresses me about this bait. I have three in my bag now and with the thru line design I can use them over and over again.

     The Top of the line swim bait from Optimum Baits is very similar to the BLT with only a few differences. As you can see from the picture above the treble hook is located on the back of the bait instead of the belly. This allows me to fish this bait over heavy cover and thick grass without getting hung up. I also have the ability to let this bait sink to the bottom and work it without worrying about hang ups. I do not know of many other swim baits that allow the same. As with the BLT the bait will slide up the line when a strike occurs thus increasing the life of your bait.

     I love that I can carry both of these baits and fish any water that I come across. My one and only concern with these products are their life span in heat. I have had one split due to high heat when left in my truck, so consider this when storing them. Check them out at Optimum Baits and browse the impressive color selection and sizes of TOL and BLT swim baits.

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