Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tackle Box Tip: Moisture Control

     I ran across this tip over the weekend while I was talking to a buddy of mine from high school. We were talking about tackle storage and I mentioned that after a choppy or rainy day I usually have to sit all my Plano boxes in the garage with the lids open for a couple of days to dry everything out. 

     What he suggested was so simple and so genius at the same time. He said that every time he buys a products that has a silica gel packet in it to keep the product dry he saves them and throws them in his Plano tackle storage boxes. Some of you probably do this already but I couldn't believe that I haven't thought of this before. It makes so much sense. Cutting down on the moisture and humidity in my storage boxes will definitely increase the life span of many of my lures and other tackle that can be damaged from corrosion. I love re-purposing things, especially when it come to my fishing.

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