Monday, June 17, 2013

Lure Modification: Crankbait Tuning

I encourage every angler to gain as much knowledge as possible if they want to improve their skills and abilities on the water. The first book that I read when I decided to get serious about kayak fishing was Chad Hoover’s book, Kayak Bass Fishing. I highly recommend this book for any kayak angler that is interested in expanding their knowledge base. One of the key elements that I really became fascinated with was lure modification. Chad Hoover says that he rarely throws any lure the way that it comes out of the package. After reading that part in the book, I constantly look for ways to make it better for my purposes and for the waters that I’m fishing in.
                I recently discovered that even crankbaits can be altered to run in different directions for whatever you desired outcome is. Crankbaits can be modified to swim right, left, or tuned to swim true if through hours of use it has become out of tune. The great thing about tuning a crankbait is the only tools required are a pair of needle nose pliers and your eyes.  You simply bend the line tie (the metal eye that the split ring is attached to) left, right, or straighten to center. For a more permanent fix you can shave down the plastic lip on one side or the other for veering.

                This modification can be handy when trying to fish around docks or weed beds with running straight into them. Think of it as use fade or draw on a golf shot to maneuver around obstacles.  This is just one modification that can be made, but there are endless possibilities for so many lures. Modifications can be a lot of fun and can be really rewarding when your creativity pay off.

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