Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heroes on the Water Benefit 7/27/13

     Mariner Sails of Dallas is hosting a terrific kayak fishing seminar this weekend with 100% of the proceeds going to HOW. They have arranged a great group of guys to speak including Chris Payne from Paynes Paddle Fish , Yak Attack pro staffer and outstanding local kayak fisherman Shaun Russell, and the founder of Yak Attack himself Luther Cifers. 
     This event will be from 11-3, and the cost is only $10. Mariner Sails will provide lunch for all attending and there are some great raffle prizes that have been donated. The seminars will be at 11, 1, and 2 and topics include; kayak fishing, kayak, rigging, kayak lighting, and general HOW information. In case you aren't familiar with HOW, check out the video below and come out and support the guys that make it possible for us to enjoy luxuries like kayak fishing. 

 Mariner Sails is located at 11110 Stemmons Fwy in Dallas, TX


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just been busy

     The last couple of weeks have been crazy for me. I don't want anyone that reads YakSmack to think that I have abandoned it, because I haven't. I have nurtured this site for many months now and my recent absence from writing feels like I have been neglecting my favorite puppy, or something like that. 

     My attention has been focused on family right now and I know that everyone  understands that. Many of you that regularly fish with me know that my mom has been battling breast cancer for about three years now. She has been an inspiration to me, as I have never seen one person fight so hard and be so determined to accomplish something. We recently have had some significant set backs in her condition but we are hopeful that a new surgery and new chemo drug will get her back in action. Lots of prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated.

     On a lighter side I also have a trip to the coast planned for the end of July, and I have booked a guided kayak fishing trip with Slow Ride Guide Services out of Port Aransas. Dean Thomas is the guide and owner of Slow Ride and he has been highly recommended by everyone. This will be my first kayak fishing experience in salt and I look forward to sharing my "epic" trip with you.

     I also pulled the trigger on a new camcorder/camera that I will take on my trip and do a full review on. I bought the Samsung HMX-W300 rugged pocket camcorder, after much internal debate, and I am excited to put it to the test and report back.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I love this park!

     Luckily for me my wife's family lives about seven miles from Purtis Creek State Park. I think this park is a true gem of East Texas. I first fished this park in the NTKBF tournament, and I was blown away at how kayak friendly it is. There is an abundance of exposed and submerged timber that creates a haven for bass and crappie. There is also a no wake rule on the lake that adds to the perfect environment for kayak anglers. I have not had the pleasure of camping over night here, but I have heard many glowing reviews from trusted friends about their camping experiences at Purtis. 
     I was fortunate to get out there last weekend while visiting my in-laws and I had a very different experience than I did on my first trip there. I was so excited to get on the water that I failed to check the weather before hand. I had about 25 mph winds from the east with small white caps all day long. This made for a pretty much miserable fishing experience trying to correct course and keep position. Like I said before there is a ton of visible and non visible timber, so for about the first two hours I drifted through the main part of the lake feeling like a human pinball bouncing off of every stump and tree out there. I lost four of my favorite jigs and crankbaits from getting hung up and the wind pushed me too fast to retrieve them. It was a little better once I paddled across the lake was able to duck into a few coves out of the wind. I was finally able to end the skunk and pull in a couple of fish, not the size I was hoping for when I first arrived out there, but at least it wasn't a skunk.

     After all beating I took from the wind and he two small dinks I caught, I cannot wait to get back out to Purtis Creek. Granted, I need to check the wind next time and plan my trip accordingly, but I still think this is one of the premiere kayaking lakes in Texas.