Monday, July 1, 2013

I love this park!

     Luckily for me my wife's family lives about seven miles from Purtis Creek State Park. I think this park is a true gem of East Texas. I first fished this park in the NTKBF tournament, and I was blown away at how kayak friendly it is. There is an abundance of exposed and submerged timber that creates a haven for bass and crappie. There is also a no wake rule on the lake that adds to the perfect environment for kayak anglers. I have not had the pleasure of camping over night here, but I have heard many glowing reviews from trusted friends about their camping experiences at Purtis. 
     I was fortunate to get out there last weekend while visiting my in-laws and I had a very different experience than I did on my first trip there. I was so excited to get on the water that I failed to check the weather before hand. I had about 25 mph winds from the east with small white caps all day long. This made for a pretty much miserable fishing experience trying to correct course and keep position. Like I said before there is a ton of visible and non visible timber, so for about the first two hours I drifted through the main part of the lake feeling like a human pinball bouncing off of every stump and tree out there. I lost four of my favorite jigs and crankbaits from getting hung up and the wind pushed me too fast to retrieve them. It was a little better once I paddled across the lake was able to duck into a few coves out of the wind. I was finally able to end the skunk and pull in a couple of fish, not the size I was hoping for when I first arrived out there, but at least it wasn't a skunk.

     After all beating I took from the wind and he two small dinks I caught, I cannot wait to get back out to Purtis Creek. Granted, I need to check the wind next time and plan my trip accordingly, but I still think this is one of the premiere kayaking lakes in Texas. 

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