Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Top 3 Kayak Angler Gifts This Year

     Christmas is getting closer and it got me thinking about my personal wish list. There are always new gadgets and gizmos every year that I can never bring myself to buy during the year, and Christmas is the perfect time for me not to feel guilty for dropping the moey on expensive toys.

1. First on my list is the Black Pak from Yak Attack. The Black Pak isnt a new product but it had definately proven its worth since its introduction. Traditionally I have always been a fan of DIY fishing crates, but the more I fish with guys that have Black Paks the more I can see the versility of them.

2. Number two on my wish list is the C-Tug kayak cart. This particular cart is a bit pricy for my usual budget, but this a wishlist after all. You cannot argue the overwhelming positive reviews and high quality. The C-Tug has no issues traversing over any terrain and easily collapses for convienent storage. Not only does it make unloading a breeze but its also a great way to protect your yak from unnecessary dragging damage.

3. One of the most innovative new products this year for kayak fishing is the Hydrowave Mini. This is a portable electronic deice that emits the natural souds of predatory fish feeding on bait fish. This sound entices more "keeper" fish to flock to your area. This gives the angler a distinct advantage anywhere on the water.

     Weather you're fresh into kayak fishing or a seasoned vet, any of these great products are sure to make you're holiday special. If you are having trouble deciding on what you or you're loved one would like, a Mariner Sails gift card will let them pick their own prize. For gift card information visit 972-241-1498
 www.Mariner-sails.com or call 972-241-1498.

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