Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ticket Stock


      I have been a long time listener of The Ticket sports radio station ever since I moved to the Metroplex  ten years ago. For me The Ticket offers a prefect  mix of sports talk and random other guy crap that makes me laugh. I have been to a few Ticket events over the past few years but this past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go to TicketStock. 

     TicketStock is the largest event of the year to the radio station and every year proves to be a good time. They always do live shows during the day on stage so fans can watch and listen, they always have big name guests that do meet and greets, and as always at a Ticket event the Ticket Chicks were on hand. 

     I was able to work this event with the outstanding group from Mariner Sails and it was, as expected, a lot of fun. We were able to hang out and talk kayaks with all kinds of folks, and even got to see some future Hall of Fame athletes from around the area. 

     We will be at the Dallas Boat Show from Friday January 31 - February 10 at Market Hall. Come down and see us, I can promise you it will be a great time.


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