Friday, April 25, 2014

Bravo 4 Brian


      I wanted to take this opportunity to brag on the school that I work at, and the city that I live in. This isn't a fishing story, but its definitely one thats worth hearing. 

    Brian Bravo and his family embarked on a two month vacation to see family and friends in Mexico. Brian's father, Jose Bravo, was forced to stay home for work. After a relaxing and exciting vacation the Bravo family headed home to The Colony,TX. Not very far into their return trip an accident happened that would change their lives forever. 

     Jose Bravo received a phone call around six in the morning on August 5th, 2005 from a distraught family member. All he was told was that there had been an accident and that family was hurt and he needed to get down there immediately. Jose was not able to get a flight down to Mexico that night and had to wait in agony until the next day. When he finally was able to get down there he learned that he has lost his wife, daughter, and brother in law in the crash. The rest of his entire family was resting in critical condition in the hospital. His youngest son, Nick, was still in a car seat and managed to break his arm and leg. His oldest son, Brian, was ejected from the vehicle and has suffered a major spinal cord injury. 

     Jose had learned that this was a single car accident and that their SUV had sustained a mechanical failure and had rolled several times. 

     Brian had to stay in the hospital in Mexico for well over a month and Jose's vacation time had run out. He was able to take his youngest son home to Texas and stayed in constant communication with family at the hospital. After three surgeries, not much had changed in Brian's condition. Jose decided it was time to bring Brian home. He went to the American Embassy where he able to arrange for an ambulance to take Brian to the Texas border where he was met by another ambulance that drove him to Children's Hospital in Dallas. Brian was in very poor condition when he arrived in Dallas. He had several infections and very serious bed sores from not moving for over a month. Children's graciously informed the family that they were going to donate the surgeries that Brian desperately needed. 

     Ten surgeries and five months later, Brian was able to return home with his family. Upon returning home, the family had to quickly adjust to their new life. Brian was paralyzed from the neck down and had lost all mobility and speech. He was 14 years old when he tragically lost his mother, sister, and his use of his body. 

     I am proud to tell you that Brain's story does not end there. He is currently a happy 21 year old man in his final year at The Colony High School and will graduate in June. The Colony High School started Bravo4Brian as a school/community project that set out to change the Bravo family's life. Through the hard work by several students, teachers, coaches, and community members, they were able to get a wheelchair accessible van donated by BraunAbility along with AllyAuto. The efforts of so many were also able to present the family with a check for $25,000 for ongoing expenses that Brian's care requires.

     I am humbled and proud to be a part of this school and community. A story like this does not come around often, and its one of over coming adversity and people coming together for a greater cause.


  1. thanks for sharing Cody and thanks for being a part of this awesome ministry!

  2. Thank you Jerry, but I cant take any credit for Bravo4Brian, just sharing the awesome work of my co-workers and students. Thanks for reading though