Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest Post: Joel Cowen from ACK on Supernova Fishing Lights

     Attract fish, gain visibility on the water, and look amazing while doing it. Pimp your kayak with SuperNova LED Lights. Here are the highlights and things to consider:

Safety First:
It’s important to be seen by other boaters on the water. SuperNova LED Lights provide excellent visibility and superb bait attraction! You will be able to see more of the open water, but most importantly others will certainly see you and your kayak.

SuperNova LED Light Kits will ensure that you are seen on the water. Additionally, they are extremely durable, submersible and salt water ready.

Colors Available:
The SuperNova LED lights come in two color options; blue and green. Blue SuperNova LED lights make casting at night a breeze as they are bright enough to light up structures at a distance and their UV qualities work beautifully with a fluorescent line. The green lighting option is a bit brighter and attracts bait by the net-full.

Work Space Lighting:
Fix the lighting in the kayak’s cockpit or seating region as indirect lighting to help with tying line or bait selection. It will also help you easily locate your tackle, rod and favorite frosty beverage. The blue light is typically easier on your night vision but the green light is brighter and optimizes your visibility.

Storage Space Lighting:
Easily locate your tackle, rod or favorite frosty beverage by decorating the rear of your tankwell or inside your hatch with the SuperNova LED lights. It’s an attractive and effective way to avoid rummaging around in the dark!

Custom Solutions Available:

If the kits at aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, contact our customer service team at or 888-828-3828 and we’ll arrange a quote for your idea or specific need.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Good Move For Kayak Fishing


     On April 22nd,  the news spread like wild fire around the paddle sports community about the acquisition of the formerly named Confluence Watersports by a private equity firm (J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, LLC). Confluence is the parent company to many brands of kayaks and paddles, including Wilderness Systems Kayaks. Being a fan of Wilderness Systems myself, I have taken a close interest in this story. From what I've read on local fishing forums and talking to close friends, the consensus is that this will be a mutually beneficial partnership for both companies. Confluence Watersports has been newly renamed Confluence Outdoor, which suggest to me that they will be extending their reach into a variety of outdoor sports and activities. 

     Still, there have been those that question if the new owners will have the best interest in mind of the customers and the products that we have grown to love. I recently ran across an interview in Kayak Fish Magazine with Confluence Outdoor CEO, Sue Rechner. I encourage you to check out the interview. 

     The impression that I got from the interview and from other related articles that I've read, is that J.H. Whitney has nothing but good intentions for acquiring the company. Confluence will be branching out into new areas of paddling, such as SUP's. They are going to continue their advancement of the sport of kayak fishing with new innovative products and designs to be released this year. I am excited at the thought of this large company investing in a sport that I have so much passion for. Another great part of this will be the inevitable growth of jobs within the company. One question that did quickly arise, was whether or not the company would remain in its current location in Greenville, S.C. The answer is simply, yes. There will be no changes to the current operations or facilities. Being made in the USA is a huge selling point for a lot of customers and I'm glad that will not change. 

     I am excited to see what Confluence Outdoor will produce in 2014 and, I want to thank J.H. Whitney for backing a great company that wants to take our sport to the next level.