Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brazos Bassin!

     I really needed to fish some new water. Something different from the same three or four lakes and ponds that I usually go to. I had been eyeballing the Brazos river for sometime now, but had no clue where to start. I called up my buddy and fellow Hornedfrog Alum, Guillermo to ask for advice. I didn't get much advice, but what I did get was a full blown invitation to join him on the river the next weekend. Done! 


      I called up my good friend Cody J. to ask if he wanted to make the trip with me. We left Dallas around four in the morning and met up with Guillermo in the small town of Whitney. We grabbed some ice and a little breakfast and headed down to the river. We unloaded our gear right below the Lake Whitney dam and already the scenery was worth the drive. We started our 10 mile paddle and I wish I had the words to describe how awesome this trip was. We saw beautiful landscapes, caught nice fish, had a great shore lunch, and best of all I got to share it with good friends. 


 If you haven't had an opportunity to make it to the Brazos below Lake Whitney, I strongly encourage you to go. 

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