Monday, June 9, 2014

It's An Honor!

      I don't think that my kayak fishing story is at all unlike most other anglers out there. I didn't come from a bass boat background but I have been fishing my whole life. Where I was raised, bass fishing was unnecessary because we didn't eat them, and hunting for catfish was very normal for us. I didn't really start targeting bass until I got in my first kayak.

     My father had an old sit inside kayak that he used to take to the coast once a year just for casual bay touring, but nothing really serious. My dad told me one day that he was going to sell it and asked me if I wanted it. I said sure, I live a hundred yards from Lake Lewisville, maybe I'll take it out. My buddy Cody J. told me that he had been thinking about getting a kayak to fish from, so we said screw it, let start kayak fishing.

      I started learning as much as I possibly about paddle techniques, kayaks, all things bass fishing, and completely submerged myself in the culture. I have read several books on bass fishing, kayak fishing, and paddling. I know there is a significant learning curve that comes with sheer experience, I wanted to gain as much general knowledge through books as well as having on the water experience. I like that way that I chose to learn because I was simultaneously applying what I read in a book to reel life application.

     I did my due diligence and researched several kayaks for my upgrade from my dads hand me down. I demoed several kayaks, and had a list made out with my favorite kayaks ranked. I looked at kayaks with cool colors, lawn chair style seats, built in features, and every other wrong reason to pick a kayak. After demoing every kayak on my list, and crossing off every kayak one by one. I tried the Wilderness Systems Ride 135 and it just felt right. I felt like a rock in that kayak and I knew I was finished demoing.

     I've been a fan of every Wilderness Systems kayak that I've been in. In my opinion, the Wilderness Systems fleet has a kayak for every body type, every preferred water, for every situation. You know you are getting a great quality kayak for a very affordable price. Recently, I was asked to join the Wilderness Systems Pro-Staff and I couldn't be more thrilled and ready to run with it. My hope is that my passion for kayak fishing and Wilderness Systems kayaks is what caught their eye. I started this blog and help out at the events that I do because I love this sport and I wish someone had opened my eyes to it 15 years ago.

     I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent Wilderness Systems as a pro-staff team member. This is a group that I have admired for quite some time, and it's a real honor for me to be able to call them teammates.

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