Thursday, July 10, 2014

Every Fire Starts With A Spark!

                              Spark Up!!

     I have to take a minute and sing the praises of a product that I have seen benefits from, both in my fishing life and day to day life. Spark from Advocare has given me a new avenue to long lasting energy and focus that I used to get from my morning coffee or diet cokes. Usually it would take multiple coffees and cokes to get me going. After incorporating Spark into my daily routine, I am completely off all coffee and sodas, diet or otherwise. That feels just as good as the energy and focus that I feel after I drink it. Order Your Spark Here

     Another benefit is the cost effectiveness of drink spark vs. soda. My cost per bottle is around $1.83, and I drink one maybe two a day depending on how busy my day is. The average cost of a 20oz coke at the gas is $1.50, and $2.19 at Sonic for a Rt. 44 size. Since I used to drink somewhere between 2 and 4 sodas a day, I'm coming out ahead now. I have a good friend that asked me for a spark sample yesterday, because she is tired of spending $6 a day on Starbucks. She drank her Spark on the way to work and texted when she got to her office, "I love it".

     Spark is that on-the-go energy source for me that I used to get from Monster's and sodas. It last a lot longer and I have no jitters or sugar crash afterwards. It only has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but it also contains 21 vitamins and minerals and is sugar free. It has 15 calories per drink as well, which is significantly lower than a Monster or soda. 

     I am hooked on Spark, gotta have it. I believe it improves my overall health by avoiding the other energy drinks that I used to consume. My wife calls it her "mommy juice", and she relies on it as well to get through her day strong and alert. My focus on the water is not comparable when I'm Sparked and when I have coffee or soda. I am totally alert when I'm fishing and we all know that can be the difference in hooking up and not. If you need something else than what you been using for energy, or just want to try something new for a boost, that WORKS! Get Sparked.

                                                  Order Spark Here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From My Point Of View!

      I sat out a couple of months ago to find a new pair of sunglasses that would perform well out on the water while having great quality that would last. I'm the kind of guy that does a ridiculous amount of research before buying a product, even small and seemingly insignificant items. I don't like to waste money, so I make sure I know what I'm buying before I drop coin. 

     I had my search narrowed down to two brands, Costa and Smith Optics. Costa definitely has the long standing reputation for being the go to brand for serious anglers. They were my clear first choice with Smith Optics being my second, just on reputation alone. I had two pair of Costa's picked out and ready to order when my second guessing began. I didn't know very much about the Smith's, other than they are starting to get pretty popular around the kayak fishing tournament trails. A tournament is the first place I had even heard of them, this year. 

     With my curiosity growing for how popular these sunglasses have become, I had to try them for myself. I made my way to my favorite "toy" store, Mariner-Sails of Dallas, to try a few pairs on. I had already demoed several Costa's earlier that day so my comparison would be fresh. I had already looked at a few frame models online and luckily Mariner had them in the display case. After trying them on I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference in comfort between the two brands. Another dilemma with the Smith Optics was to upgrade to the Chroma Pop lenses or not. I tried on a pair of Chroma Pop lenses in the store and honestly I was very underwhelmed. I couldn't see much of a difference in the "special lenses" and the regular ones. My good buddy Mike at Mariner suggested I try the two different lenses outside in the sunlight as opposed to the fluorescent light in the store. Couldn't hurt, I thought. I took them outside and tried the regular lenses and then immediately the Chroma Pop lenses and WOW! So much of a difference that I didn't even think twice about the Costa's. 

     Check out a picture I took with my phone. The pic on the left is straight from my camera and the one on the right is from behind the lens of my sun glasses. You can clearly see the difference, and this is just from a camera phone. If you're in the market for new sunglasses I highly recommend you check out the Chroma Pop lenses from Smith Optics. They have a lifetime warranty and great customer service.