Monday, August 25, 2014


     I realize that its been too long since my last post, and so I wanted to update readers on whats been going on with me. I've had a crazy summer especially with the last month being 100 miles per hour. Those of you that have followed Yak Smack for a while probably know that my mother has stage 4 breast cancer. She been fighting it for four and a half years now and we recently had no other options left but to accept home hospice care. She is still fighting but that will soon come to an end and she will be free from pain and the the constant discomfort that her body has taken over the last four years of chemo and radiation. 
     It has been a rough past month and I appreciate the well wishes, sympathy, empathy, and prayers. My mother was always the first person to call me after a new Yak Smack post had come out and given me her opinion about it. I only say this to let those of you who do read Yak Smack that I have not given up or abandoned my blog, but simply have much greater priorities and responsibilities at this time. I haven't been able to get on the water in the last month or so anyway. 
     My fishing related updates do include a great article that I wrote and was published in Kayak Angler Magazine this month. That is very exciting, and I did tell mom about that, she acknowledged that she heard me when I told her that I was published in a magazine. She couldn't say it but I know she is very proud. I also have been turned on to a new fishing rod that I am extremely excited about. Turns out that having my truck broken into and all my rods stolen, actually was a blessing because I have found Impulse Rods. Now I get to replace my rods with Impulse Rods and though I haven't been able to take them in my yak, I have taken them down to my local pond and couldn't be happier with the quality and sensitivity of them.
     Thank you, to those of you that do check out Yak Smack from time to time for being patient. As soon as the roller coaster slows down I will be back on the water and back at the keyboard with new content.

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