Sunday, September 14, 2014

Conseal It!!

     I was finally able to install my pre-cut kit of Conseal from Kayak Fishing Gear.  I've been sitting on it for about a week now and I'm pretty excited how it turned out.  I talked to Chad Hoover from Hook 1 and right now it looks like they have four colors in three different patterns, and they are adding a camo color soon as well as another pattern cut in. 

    The pieces fit perfect on each part of the kayak that it corresponded with and installation was a breeze.  I started off with a good over all washing of the entire yak, followed up with a good towel dry.  Next I cleaned all surfaces that were going to have the Conseal on it with regular medical grade alcohol.  That all dried perfectly while I unpacked the box and laid out all the pieces on the ground to get a birds eye view of the whole kit.

     After the cleaning and full lay out, I did a full dry fit on the kayak.  I'm not sure what I expected but every piece fit perfectly in the corresponding place.  It was very easy to peel and stick the pieces and simply lay them where they are supposed to go. 

    Installation was very easy and fast.  From first peel to last stick my total install time was about 20 minutes.  I decided to go with Conseal over other similar products because I know first hand the outstanding customer service that always comes along with Chad Hoover and his company.  I couldn't be happier with how the finished product looks on my kayak. 


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