Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY Anchor Chain Silencer

     If you're anything like most kayak fisherman, a top priority is flying under the fishes radar. Most people are drawn to kayak fishing for the more stealthy approach than the alternatives. However, there are situations and challenges that we run across that can cause more racket than intended. The most common example for me is my drag chain anchor. I typically carry a few different anchoring methods wether it be my claw anchor, brush clip, or stake out pole. I always have my drag chain handy, and I probably use it more than the others. 

     One problem is the loud banging that it makes when I pull it out of the water and drop it back on the deck or just when I'm trying to untangle the usual mess of line that its attached to. Regardless of the situation, I almost always make more noise than I intended. I have looked everywhere locally that I can think of to find the length, and diameter heatshrink needed to cover my drag chain, but no luck anywhere. I can order it online but I will have to spend more and order more than I want to. A buddy recently showed me a very easy, and cost effective way to accomplish my goals. 

     Items needed: Drag chain, zip ties, 1 standard bicycle tire tube, small section of rope or cord

Step 1: Cut your tube a little bit longer than your section of chain
Step 2: Use some liquid soap to lube the inside of the tube for easier installation 
Step 3: Tie your cord onto one link of chain to pull it through the tube

Step 4: Once the chain is fully enclosed in the tube, seal off one end with zip ties

Step 5: Tie a loop or attach a carabiner to the tag end of the cord for anchor line attachment

Pics courtesy of Kayakfishingohio.com

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