Monday, December 29, 2014

East Texas Fishing With Wildy Men & Pirates

East Texas Awesomeness 

     Lake Naconiche has long been on my short list of go to lakes for kayak fishing. When I was presented with an opportunity to with my good friend and Wilderness Systems team mates, Bobby Clark and Adam Harbuck, I quickly jumped on it.  Bobby and I met out there around 3 on Saturday and decided to get out and do a little late afternoon scout fishing before Sunday.

     My first impression of this lake was how surprised I was with the amount of structure in the form of flooded timber there was. There are several different parts to this lake with separate areas of flooded timber that looked very fishy. Bobby has fished this lake several times before so we went straight to a few proven honey holes for first casts. We hit a few road beds with little success then headed down to an old beaver dam that looked ripe. We threw there for a while and had a few bites but no hook ups. After that we decided to pack up and head into town for a little grub. After eating we came back to the park and packed it up for a little truck cab camping. 

     Early Sunday morning we slowly came alive around 6 am and gathered ourselves to get ready for an exciting day on this awesome lake.  Adam and several members of his club, the Bayou Pirates Kayak Fishing Club, joined us for some great fishing and fellowship. It was eerily foggy in the early morning with very low visibility, but also made for a really cool early morning paddle. We again fished some road beds but with any winter bass fishing outing it can be hit or miss. We did manage a few nice ones in the boat but pretty slow overall. 

     Although it was slow, I feel like a leaned a lot about this East Texas treasure in a short amount of time. I will most definitely be coming back here in early spring to pull out some hogs. I would recommend this lake to anyone and encourage everyone to check out this gem.