Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DIY Camp Stove Update!!

     After posting my last article about the camp stove I received a lot of positive feedback about the concept and design, but also a lot of questions about the actual functionality. Since I had just made the stoves they were still untested, so I decided to do a test run today. I made two DIY camp stoves but they were comprised of different materials.

     I think they both worked better than I expected but one of them definitely was more effective than the other. I also discuss in the video about why I think one is better than the other and which aspects make it so. One tip that I didn't mention in the video is to clean as much paint off the tins as possible. Without a doubt I will be using these DIY stoves in the future but next time I will get some paint thinner and a wire brush and scrape as much paint off the tin as possible. The burning paint smell was pretty heavy as soon as the flames really started to pick up.

     I hope you enjoy the video!



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