Sunday, March 1, 2015

What's Your Pro-Staff?

    Every day I see Facebook posts, fishing forums, tweets, and blog postings relating to pro-staff positions in one form or another. Not all of them are positive, but that comes along with the territory. I think every brand has it's own set of guidelines and expectations for their pro-staff members. I have been very fortunate to land two incredible positions on pro-staffs with Wilderness Systems Kayaks and Impulse Fishing Rods. 

     I have signed on for a second year with Wilderness Systems and I could not be happier on this staff. I have learned so much in the past year from my fellow team mates about fishing, kayaks, product development, promotion, photography, editing, and the list goes on and on. My rookie year was truly an encouraging one and I am fortunate enough to be able to learn and grow in all facets from quality anglers from Mexico to Canada and coast to coast. I appreciate that my team understands that Wilderness Systems produces high quality kayaks and that every angler has individual taste and therefore publicly bashing other brands is not necessary or professional. I am proud to be able to represent a brand that sets such high standards of its pro-staff. I have been afforded opportunities and had doors opened to me that would have been much more difficult if I didn't have the reputation of the brand or the pro-staff backing me. I look forward to many years of working with this group of outstanding anglers and friends.

     Impulse Rods was another door that was opened to me from my Wildy regional manager, Bobby Clark. Over the summer last I had my truck broken into and all of my rods and reels stolen. As pissed as I was, I started to look at the silver lining, new rods! As I began my usual intense research and reviews of products, I came across Impulse. I was able to demo some rods from Bobby and instantly knew I wanted them in my arsenal. Impulse was a brand new company with an outstanding product and I inquired about a pro-staff position. The truth is, I would have bought theses rods with or without a pro-staff position offer. These rods are hand built in Texas by two great guys that have an extreme passion for their craft. 

     My personal opinion on pro-staff positions is simple. If you want one and get it, congratulations to you. For some people it's a great accomplishment and exciting, especially if you are already a fan of the product. I'm not a pro-staff chaser, I do not send in applications to every brand of everything that I have. I am content with my two and would continue to paddle Wilderness Systems and cast Impulse if my positions were cut today. 

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