Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Top 5 Products from iCast 2015

     Every year iCast is a huge event for every angler from every corner of the globe. It doesn’t matter if your preference is salt or fresh, there’s something for you. This convention is where all the big dogs put their best foot forward and show consumers what goodies we can expect in the coming year. I have gone through all products and even though this year was spectacular, I have narrowed down the few products that I’m looking forward to the most.

1.  Live Target – Hollow Body Sunfish

     I have long admired many of the products from Live Target and own several.  I am very intrigued by this lure and know the success that I have hollow bodied frogs. In true Live Target fashion this lure looks so realistic that it blows my mind.  I cannot wait to get one of these on my line. 
                   Live Target Hollow Body Sunfish Video

    2. Wilderness Systems Flex Pod Motor

      Wilderness Systems continued to build off the success of the Thresher and the ATAK with the new electric motor. This unit fully integrates into the kayak via the flex pod space. There are so many applications for a unit like this and I believe there is a great marketplace for it. 
                             The Power of Wilderness Systems

     3. Tangle-FREE kids combo by Kids Casters

     This combo won best in show in the kids tackle division. Have two little ones, I knew this was a product that my family would benefit from. I’ve actually already bought one for my two year old and it works fantastic. It lives up to the name and truly is tangle free.
                                                                     Kids Casters

      4. Terminator walking frog

     Everyone that knows me knows my favorite bait is a hollow body top water frog. I’ve tried almost every frog on the market and so far my go to has been the Pad Crasher from Booyah Baits. I’ve been interested is this bait since I read the description. The description states that it’s weighted heavily in the back allowing the head to sit higher in the water. This will be in my arsenal very soon. 
                                   Terminator Tackle

      5. Ikari Anger Shad

    This lure is a lipless crank bait with a twist. The Anger Shad features black nickel treble hooks, slow sinking body, and bloody red flared gills. I’ve never been much a lipless crank bait fanatic, but I have to admit these look really cool.
                                        Ikari Angry Shad

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