Friday, July 3, 2015

Rigging The ATAK: Fishfinder

     There has been a lot of anticipation about the release of the ATAK from Wilderness Systems, a huge blank slate platform with endless rigging possibilities. My first rig on any kayak is usually a fishfinder and this was no exception when I got my ATAK. This was my first install on a Flex Pod OS, because I don't own a Thresher and my previous kayaks didn't have them. I had previously installed a fishfinder on the original flex pod in my Ride 115X and I thought it couldn't get any easier. I was wrong. What I found was that there was no more cramming, stuffing, or tucking wires and cables above or around my battery. Instead there is more than enough room for everything to rest comfortably. 

     My first step was acquiring the few items necessary for my installation. I went down to my local kayak shop and bought the following items:

1.     4” Yak Attack gear trac

2.     4” Yak Attack back plate for the gear trac


3.  Yak Attack RAM ball mount for my fishfinder


     I mounted the gear trac onto the flex pod and used the backing plate to add stability.

      The next step is probably the most complicated and intimidating but it is necessary.  You must drill holes for the wires from the transducer to run into the pod as well as from the pod to the device. Where you choose to drill is up to you, but I selected areas that I thought would be most resistant to water.  It’s pretty easy to cover and seal the holes once the wires are run. I used marine wire caps from West Marine along with Marine Goop to complete the sealing up.

     After sealing up the holes for the wires the last thing I did was to place a small piece of foam in the bottom of the pod to prevent any transducer screws from puncturing or damaging the battery. Then I connected the battery and was ready for water testing.

     In the end the Flex Pod OS is by far the easiest and most effective way to install a fish finder on a kayak. In my opinion what Wilderness Systems has done is to provide a way to install electronics from the most experienced kayak angler to the complete novice.  If you’re in the market for a new fishing kayak and want a simple and efficient way to install your electronics look no further than the Wilderness Systems ATAK or Thresher.

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