Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Product Review: Kids No Tangle Fishing Combo

     This was a fun review for me. Mostly because it required me to take my daughter fishing and because she reeled her first fish in with this combo. I picked hers up at my local Bass Pro because I saw it won best kids fishing product at the 2015 iCast. 

     I was immediately interested in this combo because it was advertised as "tangle free". I cant tell you how much time I usually spend untangling my daughters line from trees, sticks, or even from around her own pole. This combo is constructed just like  a conventional reel except the rod is more of a tube. The line casts from the reel through the tube which prevents any tangling. 

     The combo comes with a barrel swivel that prevents the line from falling in the tube, which makes it very easy for rigging up for perch jerking. In case the line were to slip down the rod will break in half, like a double barrel shotgun, and allow you to pull the line back through. Its all very easy to use.

     This product lives up to its name and allows your kid to fish tangle free, allowing you and them to spend more time fishing. Check them out HERE.

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