Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Being A Responsible Angler Off The Water

     Today I exercised my constitutional right and privilege to vote. I voted for my local city officials such as mayor and city councilmen. I also had the opportunity to show my support and vote for Prop 6. Prop 6 is the, "Texas Right to Hunt, Fish and Harvest Amendment". 
     Prop 6 basically adds to the constitution that Texans have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, and that hunting and fishing would be the preferred methods of doing so. I know what you're thinking, "we already have that don't we.? The short answer is NO! We all currently have the right, with proper licensing, to hunt, fish, and harvest but that may not always be the case. Currently only 20 states have passed amendments protecting citizens right to hunt and fish, and Texas is next on the list for the November elections. 
     Why is this even necessary? At first it does seem like pointless rhetoric and unnecessary verbiage to an already lengthy document, but I do not want to wait until it that right is threatened to act. Special interest groups like PETA could protest and lobby against fishing, hunting, and harvesting wildlife in favor of more "humane" practices such as pharmaceuticals or TNR (Trap, neuter, return). PETA article on TNR.
     While all of this may prove a moot point in the end, I feel it is important to lock this security down now. PETA has also expressed opposition in sport fishing and in CPR (Catch, photo, and release) in particular. PETA article on CPR. This change ensures that fishing and hunting remain the preferred methods for harvesting wildlife and protect the Texas traditions. 
     Exercise your right to vote and be informed on what you are voting for. I did my part to ensure that my 3 month old son can one day feel the excitement and rush from landing a trophy bass without being told that he broke a law. Check these two links for more information on Prop 6. Ballotpedia , TSRA Prop 6 support. 

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