Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trinity River Trip Report

     I had been wanting to kayak fish the Trinity River for quite a while now but it always seems like it has never quite worked out for me till now. Having lived in Ft. Worth throughout college and the first year after I got married, the Trinity has always held a sentimental place with me. 

     Finally I had an opportunity and a plan to hit the Trinity with my good buddy Barry Jones. After talking with several friends who frequent the river, I decided to launch at Panther Island Pavillon area. Its located pretty much in the heart of downtown Ft. Worth. 

     Our first obstacle was to figure out how to get the kayaks down to the water. The banks of the river were very steep and it left us with about a 5 foot shear drop from the top of the bank to the water. Not ideal launching conditions but this was going to happen. We found a spot directly under the bridge than was much more tapered to the water, unfortunately it was the farthest spot from our truck and large chunks on concrete riddled the walk down. After carefully navigating the launch we finally managed to get all of our gear and kayaks down to the water and shoved off. 

     The wind was a bit gusty but the scenery was awesome. I loved seeing downtown as I paddled the river that I had driven over so many times before. I saw a group of cowtown natives riding horses down by the waters edge, I saw a tour group of segway riders, and several pedestrians along the way. This was a trip like none I had experienced before. I imagine its very similar to the urban views of Lady Bird Lake in the heart of Austin, but I have haven't had the pleasure yet. This was a case of slow fishing but I could have not cared less, I was having a blast.

     After a few hours of basically sight seeing while casting I finally landed on a pattern that seem to produce. I had a Grandebass Rattlesnake in black with blue flake on a Texas rig. I found a bank with low overhanging monkey grass and began pitching the rattlesnake under the grass and letting it sit under the over hang. I started to get bite after bite, and eventually started catching.  This pattern stayed on until we departed back for the trucks. 

     I am stoked to get back to the Trinity for a much longer trip next time. The overall experience was extremely positive despite the less than ideal launch situation. I will definitely be making a return trip as soon as possible.  

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