Friday, February 12, 2016

Grass Bomb!!

For several years I have been searching for that perfect heavy grass jig. I have used just about every brand on the market, or so I thought. It was through social media dumb luck that I was fortunate enough to stumble onto the website of Black Angel Lures and began to peek around at what they had to offer. It didn’t take me long to find the daddy of all heavy cover jigs, The Grass Bomb.  I didn’t bother ordering any online because this fantastic little company just happened to be based just a couple of hours down the road and I didn’t feel like waiting for shipping. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Black Angel Lures and not only did I get my perfect grass jig but was also treated with a tour of where everything is poured, spun, painted and tied. This lure is tactically designed to rip and punch through the heaviest and thickest of grass. The Grass Bomb combines four specific features that have solidified this jigs place in my tackle box.

 First it sports a 25-degree stand up head that reduces the amount of snagged grass by at least 85%. The shear shape and size of this jig head is what give it its power in the thick of it. Secondly, the “Bomb” features an exaggerated swept back weed guard, which also allows for maximum shedding of grass during the retrieve. Next this beast combines the previously mentioned features with a completely in line eye tie. This only further hits home the aspect of maximum grass penetration and minimum grass brought into the boat. Lastly, Black Angel Lures has highlighted this baby with a Gamakatsu 6/0 stainless steel tuna hook. What?! There is no vegetative environment that this monster cannot rip and tear its way out of. No amount of grass, weeds, or pads stands a chance against this jig. This lure was designed by pro tournament anglers for anglers of all levels to be successful and productive on the water.

I have had the opportunity to get this beast in the water a few times and it does not disappoint. I did not find a situation where this jig got hung up. I was successfully able to rip it out of every snag that I hit. After my experience with the Grass Bomb, I am looking forward to trying out the other great jigs from Black Angel.

            Black AngelLures offer the Grass Bomb in 8 colors including the Bama Bug and Real Camo. All lures from Black Angel are hand tied and personally inspected before shipping. Check the Grass Bomb and their other great selections of hand ties jigs at

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