Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hill Country Paradise

      Lets just say I was in town for family business and I drove down to Burnet from Dallas on a Friday. I was meeting my dad down there and he was about four or five hours behind me. I looked online for something to do because I knew I would have some time to kill on Friday afternoon. I saw that this little town had a state park so I figured I would bring a couple of rods and a little tackle and play around out there for a bit. 

     As soon as I got into the park I instantly regretted not bringing my kayak. This place was beautiful and so diverse as far as the habitat of the water in concerned. I received a park map in the front office and found a place on the far north side of the lake called "Devils Waterhole". That sounded like a good place to wet a line and kill a few hours. Once I drove out the the spot I had about a quarter mile hike and then a bit of rock climbing to do to get a great fishing spot. I kept thinking this little mini adventure was so cool. All I wanted to do was kill some time and here I was hiking, rock climbing, and about to fish in the "Devils Waterhole". This was definitely the distraction I need for the upcoming family business that awaited me in the morning, but for that moment it was just me and nature. 

     The water was as clear any as I had seen, and the giant boulders surrounding the spot I was in just didn't seem like I was even in Texas anymore. It seemed like a magic river that you would imagine from Montana or something. Then again isn't every part of the Texas Hill Country like a world of it's own? Sadly I didn't catch any fish but, I can tell it wasn't for lack of fish. I was just chasing the wrong species. As I sat on this huge rock bluff I could clearly see massive schools of trout swimming below me. As I said before I brought only a handful of bass lures with me, so I had nothing to entice them. It was one of the most frustrating moments and yet so very cool at the same time. 

     I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to explore this awesome park. I will most definitely be back with my kayak and much better prepared to slay a variety of different species. Check out Inks Lake State Park at the link below!


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