Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I love days like these!

      I get asked a lot if being on a pro team like Wilderness Systems  is worth it with the extra responsibilities that come along with the position. My usual response is yes, for me it is absolutely worth it but I think that perspective varies from person to person. One of my "duties" that I very much look forward to every is the big kayak and SUP demo day hosted by Mariner Sails of Dallas each year. I mark this event on my calendar as soon as its set and count down the days. This year was my fourth year working this event in an official capacity. Yes its a long day, and yes its a lot of work but its always worth it. I love the social aspect of events like these as well. It always doubles as an opportunity to meet up with old friends and catch up on the newest gear and yaks and tell fish stories. 
     One of the biggest rewards from working mass demo days like these are meeting and helping a newbie paddler get into a kayak for the first time. I remember my very first kayak demo with Mike from Mariner Sails and how enjoyable and educational he made that experience for me. We are friends to this day and that experience launched me into this love affair with kayaking and kayak fishing. I enjoy being that guy for other future paddlers. I have had people at various other get togethers, fishing tournaments, and random meet ups recognize me from their very first kayak demo experience and I think that's the coolest thing. 

     I want to thank Mariner Sails owner Aris Tsamis for the outstanding support of the North Texas kayak community and the countless hours and dollars that he invests back into our sport. Check out the Mariner Sails webpage HERE , and head into the store to talk shop with one of the many knowledgable staff on hand.  

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