Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Tackle subscription boxes have been around since 2012, and have made big splashes in the fishing industry. The top two companies offering this service are Mystery Tackle Box and Lucky Tackle Box. In a nutshell, these two companies have several options of boxes for a monthly fee with varying fishing lures dedicated to the species of your choice. For example, I will receive the “Bass” box which will have several lures designed to catch only bass. They offer different species to choose from to suit your style of fishing, and the angler has the option to switch boxes from month to month.

I found myself in a unique position with one box from each company this month, so I thought I would use this opportunity to compare them. Upon first look there is no discernible difference between the two boxes. Both boxes contain a magazine of some sort, a sticker, and about 5-6 lures. One thing I do really like about both boxes is that the lures are all for different styles of fishing. Both boxes contained top water lures, mid water lures, and some sort of soft plastics for bottom fishing. I don’t think either box stands apart as far as the variety of lures offered in the boxes. I want to go through each box, item by item, and break down what’s inside. Please keep in mind that the monthly subscription fee for this MTB is $25 and this LTB is $15.

Mystery Tackle Box: $47.16 of product value 
            Bruiser Baits Thrasher – This is a soft plastic bait that looks to be a quality candidate for spinner, swim bait, or jig trailer. $4.29
            6th Sense Provoke – This bait is a hard suspended jerk bait with about a 3-6 max depth and is about 4 inches long.  $11.29
            River2Sea Spittin Wa – Standard hollow body top water frog with a popper mouth. I’ve traditionally been a fan of the Booyah pad crasher frogs but I’m very familiar with the R2S brand so I am very excited to give this one a shot. $10.50
            Skinny Bear “Big Guy” Spinnerbait – Another brand I haven’t heard of, but that doesn’t scare me in any way. This is a very large spinnerbait, as the name suggests, and has impressive detail. $10.00
            Mustad Screw Lock Hooks – Pretty straight forward. Soft plastic swim bait hook, with a screw lock that inserts into the nose of the bait. $5.59
            Reins 4” Bubbling Shaker worm – Another soft plastic ribbed style worm with a tapered body. It looks like it could be good weightless or on a drop shot. $5.49

Lucky Tackle Box –  $42.00 of product value
             Throwback Lures Walkin' Paycheck – These have been a very difficult brand to track down. Its obviously a Chinese owned company with a poor website. I was able to track down the website but there are no prices and no places to order. From what I could find of the other brands baits on another discount tackle website the price is around $15. $15.00
             Biwaa 4” Deus – A soft plastic swim bait with a paddle tail. The profile look like it would be decent. $6.00
             Road Runner Randy's Bass Buffet Rig -  A duel mounted jig head with a soft plastic body and an under mount spinner blade.  I’m familiar with the Road Runner brand and have own several in the past. This looks like a fun bait to throw and I’m excited to see what I can land on it. $6.00
             Mustad Wide Gap Hooks – This is a 2/0 hook with a wide gap for soft plastics. I could find these exact hooks on any web site so they may be new or discontinued. $5.00
             Snag Proof Double Hook Jig -  Honestly, this looks like a kind of hokey gimmick bait that you would see on a isle display at Wal-Mart. It has a double, frog style, hook and sport a double weed guard on a brush puppy jig head. I’m not saying I won’t flip this baby into some heavy cover, but it wouldn’t be my first choice to buy. $6.00
              Buddha Baits 4” Baby Momma – This one is a beaver/flipper style soft plastic. This is another product that isn’t listed on the website. Again, I don’t know if its old and discontinued or so new that it hasn’t shown up on the site yet. Either way, this is a good-looking bait to try on my Black Angel jigs. $4.00

As you can see, both boxes have a wide variety of lures in them. This allows me an opportunity to expand my arsenal and allow me to become and even more well rounded angler. I think these boxes can be that catalyst that prevents us from sticking with the same old baits that we are comfortable with and to branch out with minimal risk involved. I think on all levels these two services are pretty even, and you couldn’t go wrong either way. I will say that the only nit picking difference I could see was that all the lures in the Mystery Tackle Box were easy to locate online for future purchasing, and I had a really hard time tracking down some of the Lucky Tackle Box products.  From this point on I will be receiving the Lucky Tackle Box subscription for the next six months. I may decide to stay or switch to MTB at that point, but either way, receiving that box in the mail is damn exciting!



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  2. Thanks for the honest comparison Cody! I'm going to give both of their Bass boxes a try this year.

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  4. ☛Precisely! ☘That is a perfect summation from someone who knows �� Thanks!

  5. Great review Cody. I have watched some of your video reviews as well. Definitely worth giving these a try