Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bonding Time!!

     Last week I had the opportunity to get my nephew, Cash, out for his first kayak fishing trip and we had the opportunity to do a little filming as well. For two days leading up to our trip Cash talked non stop about wanting to start a YouTube channel for his little video games tutorials and random adventures that your average nine year old goes through. For some strange reason he been obsessed with state parks, so I figured we could knock a couple off his list. 
     I took Cash to Martin Creek State Park in between Longview and Tatum TX. He really wanted to get out on my kayak and paddle around, fish, and eat lunch on the big island in the middle of the lake. He's been so obsessed with creating his own YouTube channel and getting a GoPro that I had to take mine and do some filming with him and show him a little of how I do things for my videos. 
    Below is our video and I hope Cash likes it as much as I liked making it. Thank you for spending the day with me little buddy and I cant wait to see what great videos you have in store for the world to see. Dream big nephew!

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