Thursday, December 1, 2016

Qalo Rings Review

       I have a physically demanding job that often requires me to be outdoors. When my job demands I be outside in the Texas heat for long hours and consecutive days, my hands tend to swell and my wedding ring gets uncomfortable. I also am required to do some lifting of heavy boxes and coolers in my career and I've had to skin around my wedding ring pinched more times than I can count. After about six or seven years of this I stopped wearing my wedding ring all together. 

     Ive been wearing Qalo rings for about a year now and I can honestly say that they have all but replaced my traditional wedding rings. I have two Qalo rings and I can comfortably wear them while doing any activity. I wear them at work, fishing, working out, and mowing the lawn. I have worn my ring through an full day of paddling and fishing and not even notice that I was wearing a ring at all. 

     There is no better product on the market for a comfortable, all purpose wedding ring. The good people at Qalo have finally created a wedding ring with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Qalo has also partnered with various organizations and charities to benefit military, police, fire, paramedic, breast cancer, and Lupus foundations. If you fit the same mold as me with an uncomfortable wedding ring, I encourage you to visit Qalo and choose a color, pattern, or charity of your choice. 

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