Monday, May 15, 2017

ATAK 120 Rudder Install

      After several weeks of absolute chaos and busy plans, I was finally able to get my rudder installed on my ATAK 120. I absolutely love this boat and have been paddling it for several months now without a rudder with great enjoyment, but now its about to get a whole lot better. Wilderness systems has changed the rudder kit up a bit from previous years. We no longer use the cable and clamps, we now have a new synthetic cable and new method of attachment to the rudder bracket. I have to say that I like the changes and I think its a much easier install than with the rigid metal cables. Since this was my first time installing this new style of rudder I found this install video from fellow Wildy Pro Staff, Chase Tanner, to be very helpful and detailed. Check out the video! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 ways to Improve Your Fishing Skill
Guest Post from Jason Roy
     Have you ever gone fishing? If you have, then, how was your experience? Well, fishing is often termed as the most interactive and adventurous activity that you can ever participate in. It always calls for creativity, persistence, patience, confidence and self-belief. I once went fishing with my brother; I was so much excited because this was my first time. I decide to take the wheel and do the fishing, I spent much time at sea but only had a single fish. I was almost getting discouraged when he started explaining to me 5 ways to improve your Fishing skill;
1. Carry various Types of Baits
For you to have a massive catch, the number one tip to always consider is the number of bait you carry. Carrying one type of bait is never a good idea because it will limit your option. This is because fish often respond differently to the type of bait. If they fail to react to your first bait, then you can use the alternative. This will help you get something that will trap the fish, instead of going home with no catch at all.
2. Keep a Fishing Journal
Fishing journals often contribute massively towards your fishing skills. This works well if you do a lot of fishing because it will help you look back at what you did earlier. When you get a massive catch, putting down the type of bait you used, the area you fished, the temperature and weather will help you catch more fish the next time you go out fishing. A record will also help you identify different techniques that work and those that don’t need so that you may know exactly what to do when you get at sea.
3. Begin Fishing in Well-lit Areas
Sometimes conditioning your brain is the best way to improve your fishing skills. You can begin your fishing in a well-lit environment so as to be aware of potential areas for catching fish. This will help you catch more fish at times when there is a limited amount of light, or rather during the night. To achieve this, you can start fishing at sunset and do the fishing till darkness covers the whole area. If this is done almost all the time, you will have no stress on knowing where to get the fish at any given the time of day.
4. Plan Ahead for Special Contingencies
Well, as it is always said, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is even true when it comes to fishing. Before you go fishing, you have to plan early enough to avoid any inconveniences which will undermine your skills. You have to ensure that the headlamp is in order, The baits are enough, and the fishing gear is in good order. The most important way to improve your fishing skills is embracing orderliness and planning your activities in advance.
5. Go Fishing with Experts
     This is the best way of improving your fishing skills. If you go out fishing with an expert, you will have first-hand information on how things are done. Experts will also reveal their secrets to you about how well to handle fishing activities. Whatever you learn from the experts should be whatever you implement when you go out fishing on your own. If not implementing whatever the experts did, then do more than what they did! If you want to get big fish you should choose best spinning reel for catching lots of fish. 
     No one was born with the skills of fishing; we always learn them as time goes by. Therefore if you had a nasty first fishing experience, then don’t give up, the above tips will help you improve. Learning is always a continuous process; therefore ensure that you improve your fishing skills each and every time. The best way to learn is to ask. Whenever you have a burning issue about fishing, always turn to the experts!