Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Feeling Disconnected....

     Usually I try to keep all my posts positive and informative about my experiences in kayak fishing and the awesome events around my community here in DFW, however I have something on my mind lately that may be contradictory to my usual posts. 

     2017 has been my least productive year on the water, as a kayak angler and I'm feeling very disconnected from the water and from fishing in general. I have had to step back and take a long look at what I've been doing wrong as an angler. I have several holes in my game, so to speak, that I believe have lead to my slump in 2017. As I look back I can see that I continually use the same techniques over and over and I have let my limited confidence in those baits take over my fishing trips. I have completely shut myself off from expanding out into different techniques because my "go to" baits have started to fail me. 

     I went through a three year period where I felt unstoppable and slayed fish no matter the body of water I was on. I believe that hot streak put me in a state of complacency and false comfort and has limited my ability to hone my skills and adapt to the environment around me. I also recognize that I have put fishing further down my list of priorities as I have concentrated on my roles as husband and father and re-devoting myself to my faith in the church. Those priorities will continue to supersede fishing always, but I know I have more to devote to this sport to which I still have so much passion for. 

     As with every other sport there is an off season to grow and get better, and that's exactly what I intend to do this winter. When I was first starting out and learning bass fishing I read books from great anglers, watched countless YouTube videos on utilizing different baits and techniques, and focused on using only lures that I know I needed to get better with. As I feel I have become a better fisherman I have slowly stopped doing the fundamental things that got me there. This winter I will get back to the basics and focus on fundamentals of fishing. 

     I hope my message doesn't get lost or confused as a my white flag because this isn't. I still have just as much passion and love for all things fishing and kayaking, if not more. If nothing else this is my mission statement for 2018, and I look forward to rising to the challenge.

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